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WSO2 Stratos 1.5.1 Released

*WSO2 Stratos 1.5.1 Released!*

WSO2 Stratos team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.5.1 of
WSO2 Stratos.

Home page:

WSO2 Stratos is a complete cloud middleware platform for implementing an
enterprise service-oriented
architecture (SOA). WSO2 Stratos is open source and is available under
Apache license. It is built on
top of and extends WSO2 Carbon, the award-winning, comprehensive, concise,
lean enterprise middleware

With WSO2 Stratos, IT professionals have a fully hosted
platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for rapidly
building and deploying services and composite applications, with instant
provisioning capability.
WSO2 Stratos delivers on the promise of cloud computing with a complete,
enterprise middleware
platform for delivering applications that can run on, and integrate with,
any combination of private
clouds, public clouds and on-premise systems. WSO2 Stratos is equipped with
features for auto-scaling
and single sign-on, as well as enhanced functionality for automatic activity
monitoring, usage metering,
and centralized governance and identity management.

WSO2 Stratos offers all the benefits of the cloud without the complexity or
fear of vendor lock-in.
    * WSO2 Stratos is integrated across multiple middleware platform
services and provides unified
         interfaces across services; hence facilitate shorter project times.
    * Metering reduce costs by allowing monitoring that lead to optimizing
data center utilization
         and allowing companies to pay only for what they use.
    * Auto-scaling provides the ability to scale up or down based on the
demand for services and usage
         capacity, eliminating both resource starvation as well as resource
slack. The artifacts are
         automatically deployed to scaled instances.
    * Multi-tenancy means applications supporting different organizations,
business units or regional
         offices can be delivered cost-effectively from a single location
sharing the same platform and
         resources, yet run fully independently.
    * Built-in automated governance and centralized identity management
facilitates control over
         applications and services across different tenants.
    * WSO2 Stratos is based on the comprehensive WSO2 Carbon middleware
platform, hence, applications
         can be migrated smoothly and safely on premise, to a private cloud,
to the public cloud, or to a
         hybrid environment, providing unprecedented deployment flexibility.

WSO2 Stratos comes with all of the production-quality runtime engines in
WSO2 Carbon available as cloud services:
    * WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus as a Service
    * WSO2 Application Server as a Service
    * WSO2 Data as a Service
    * WSO2 Governance as a Service
    * WSO2 Identity as a Service
    * WSO2 Business Activity Monitoring as a Service
    * WSO2 Business Processes as a Service
    * WSO2 Business Rules as a Service
    * WSO2 Mashups as a Service
    * WSO2 Gadgets as a Service
    * WSO2 Complex Event Processing as a Service
    * WSO2 Message Broker as a Service

*WSO2 Stratos Features*
At the heart of the WSO2 Stratos Platform as a Service is a cloud manager.
This PaaS home service provides
management and monitoring capabilities and offers a Web portal where users
can register their domains (tenants),
log in, manage their accounts, manage users and roles, and
activate/deactivate the middleware services that
are available for their users.

The PaaS home offers point-and-click simplicity for provisioning middleware
services, so developers can
get started immediately and focus on the business logic, rather than
configuring and deploying software systems.

The platform integration layer within WSO2 Stratos allows it to install onto
any existing cloud infrastructure
such as Eucalyptus, Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, Amazon EC2, and VMware ESX.
Enterprises are never locked into a
specific infrastructure provider or platform.

Once WSO2 Stratos is installed, a Web-based management portal lets users
configure, manage and govern
independent-but-consistent services for each department, or for each stage
of a system's lifecycle.
Each server is completely virtual, scaling up automatically to handle the
required load, and metered and
billed according to use.

Noteworthy WSO2 Stratos features include:
    * Auto-scaling capabilities.
        WSO2 Stratos automatically adjusts the use of cloud resources to
meet increased or decreased demand.
    * Single sign-on functionality.
        Users only need to sign on once to access all WSO2 Stratos services
that they are authorized to use.
    * Enhanced automatic activity monitoring.
        Activity monitoring is available in real time, so there is no time
gap between data collection and
        the availability of data for monitoring.
    * Enhanced usage metering.
        Metering is automated so that every operation by tenant users will
be monitored and recorded.
        The metering information can be used for billing and for offering
constrained access for certain services.
    * Enhanced centralized governance and identity management.
        All the resources of all Stratos services can be monitored and
governed from a single point - from WSO2
        Stratos governance. When a modification, such as changing a security
policy, or changing the keystore,
        is done from a single place, it is immediately visible to all other
services. In addition to that,
        all services share a single user store. When a user is added from a
service, that new user can immediately
        access all other services available for the tenant.
    * Data-as-a-Service
        Data-as-a-service offers storage for tenant's application data. In
this release of Stratos, we offer two
        built-in storage options. WSO2 RSS (Relational Storage Service) &
CSS (Cassandra Storage Service).
        RSS allows creating tenant specific MySQL databases instances and
CSS allows creating column family
        based storage. In addition, one can use other RDBMS engines to store
data as well.

As a fully open source solution WSO2 Stratos does not require any licensing

WSO2 offers a range of service and support options, including evaluation
support, CloudStart(SM)
consulting program, development support, and production support.

For additional support information please visit
*About WSO2*

WSO2 is the lean enterprise middleware company. It delivers the complete
open source enterprise
SOA middleware stack purpose-built as an integrated platform to support
today's heterogeneous
enterprise environments internally, and in the cloud. WSO2's service and
support team is led by
technical experts who have proven success in deploying enterprise SOAs and
contribute to the
technology standards that enable them.

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