Friday, September 9, 2011

Shared remote registry

This configuration describes on using a remote registry as the configuration storage/repository for esb and wsas.

JDBC Registry (Works only with/after Carbon-2.1)

Open the $CARBON_HOME/conf/registry.xml for edit and change the JDBC settings of the local registry to the remote registry database credentials. 
<dbConfig name="wso2registry">









Remote Registry 

Open the $CARBON_HOME/conf/carbon.xml  for edit and uncomment the registry configuration, Put the configuration details for the running registry instance.
Note: Please note that the CARBON_HOME is referred as the product home (e.g $ESB_HOME / $WSAS_HOME)
Start the servers by running the  $CARBON_HOME/bin/./
If you open the registry console you can see the resources generated for the product in the given context (path), and from the product console you can browse the registry content as well.   

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