Friday, September 2, 2011

Introducing New Sample Guide for BPS 2.1.0

From WSO2 BPS 2.1.0 onwards, we have introduced a new sample guide and documentation which explain some of the basic concepts involved in WS-BPEL 2.0. You can find the documentation over here .

Also we have introduced few samples for complex BPEL scenarios like
  • Compensation handlers - SampleCompensationHandlers
    • This samples demonstrates a flight reservation process with the functionality of with a basic compensation handler will work. Also it involves the which are required in compensation handling.
  • Event-handlers - SampleEventHandlers 
    • This sample has an event-handler implementation is capable verifying the functionality and reliability of construct.
  • Asynchronous processes SampleAsynchronousProcess
    • This sample contains two processes. One acts as a client ( for the server ( Message correlation is used to maintain the asynchronous interaction between client and server.
 We will add the documentation to explain those scenarios as well. You can find those other samples over here.

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