Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sample for RSS (Relational Storage Service)

We do not have a sample for RSS & time is limited to get a sample
Hence, following is the outline of the first sample we are going write.

1. Per tenant relational data storage capability via WSO2 RSS
2. Service enablement of tenant's data (created in #1)

Sample Overview
1. Create a sample database (and a user account to access it) per tenant on
2. Get the JDBC URL of the above database
3. Deploy a data service per tenant containing above connection parameters
4. Deploy a gadget which accesses the data service & display data

How to test multi-tenancy using this sample?
=================== =============
1. All databases created under a given tenant is only visible within that
tenant only
2. Even within in the tenant, database users can be created with different
authorization levels
3. Data Service will only expose data from tenant's database only. (All
though the same data service is deployed across all tenants)
4. The data service is secured & accessing the same service across tenants
(without proper credentials) is not possible

Distribution of Sample
will be in the form of a sample installer.

I have already started working on this.


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