Friday, July 15, 2011

Setting up WSO2 Stratos in personal machine

Here are the steps to setup Stratos in your personal machine.

1. Checkout the stratos setting-up script from here.

2. Copy the wso2straos-manager-1.5.0, wso2stratos-is-1.5.0, wso2stratos-bam-1.5.0 distributions and the binary distributions of the services that you wish to include. i.e. wso2stratos-esb-1.5.0.
Lets mark this place where you copy these .zip files as PACKS_DIR.

3. Export following environment variables to your .bashrc

export PACKS_DIR="/home/yumani/Documents/packs/3.2.0"
export STRATOS_DIR="/home/yumani/Documents/Stratos/stratos320"
export STRATOS_VERSION=1.5.0
export SSO_ENABLED=true
export CREATE_DB=true

export STRATOS_MAIL_TRANSPORT='&lttransportsender class="org.apache.axis2.transport.mail.MailTransportSender" name="mailto"> &ltparameter name=""&</parameter>&ltparameter name="mail.smtp.port"&gt25</parameter> &ltparameter name="mail.smtp.starttls.enable"&gtfalse</parameter> &ltparameter name="mail.smtp.auth"&gtfalse</parameter>  &ltparameter name="mail.smtp.from"&</parameter> </transportsender>'
4. Run (NOTE: Before this you may need to install 'liblist-moreutils-perl' to execute the perl script)

5. Then update your /etc/hosts file with following;

6. After this you can start the servers. You will find that the setting-up script has unzipped all the binary distributions (you copied to PACKS_DIR) into the STRATOS_DIR location which, you specified in .bachrc.

7. Go to above CARBON_HOME.  You have two ways to start the cloud environment.
 i. Running the in STRAROS_DIR. Using you can start all the services and the manager at once or a selected set of services and the manager.
sh startall
sh wso2stratos-manager-1.5.0 wso2stratos-is-1.5.0 wso2stratos-bam-1.5.0

ii. Starting each service using its own startup scripts (CARBON_HOME/bin/ This way you can first start the manager following wso2stratos-is and wsorstratos-bam. Then the other services as you wish.

That's all.. Now you can access wso2stratos-manager from browser and start using the cloud environment. URL for the stratos-manager can be gained from its startup logs which are printed on the back-end console.

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